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foam mattresses

P.U. Foam Mattress

Aagosh Mattresses are value for money. These mattresses are designed to ensure that the user wakes up and Feels – Fresh every day. They are light weight , durable, washable, can be folded & are available in many density’s with a guarantee of up to 25 Years.


foam cusions

P.U. Foam Cushion

Aagosh flexi Puf cushions are made up of 100% foam. These cushions comes in many density’s and can be cut into specific size as per requirement. These cushions are used in furniture, furniture sheet, soft line furniture & many more.

coir foam mattresses

Coir Mattresses

Aagosh Flexi Rubberized Coir mattresses is for those who need extra or additional support in their mattresses for firmness and cushioning. It provides the ultimate sleeping experience and perfect match for the luxurious lifestyle. Available in all sizes from 3” till 12”.

  traveling folding mattresses


Traveling Mattress

A new concept in covered mattresses these mattresses can be folded into 3 or 4 pieces& can be moved easily from one place to another. These mattresses can be use at home as well as for traveling purpose.

foam pillows

P.U. Foam Pillow

Aagosh P.U. Foam Pillows are designed for comfort and impart a cool and feel –fresh because it has a special cellular structure that lets air circulate freely, thereby dissipating heat and allowing swat to evaporate speedily.



foam cushions

Re-Boned Foam

This is a new concept in bed industry. These are offered in various densities varying from 60Kg/m3 to 120Kg/m3. These re-bonded foam can be used as sheets, mattress for bed etc.

cervicall foam pillow

P.U.Foam Cervical Pillow

Aagosh P.U. Foam Cervical Pillow is specially designed for people who are suffering from cervical illness.

These pillow provide proper support to the neck as a result it improves neck pain and keep our clients health and active.

  all sizes foam sheets

P.U. Foam Sheets

Aagosh P.U. Foam Sheets are 100% Pure foam. These are available in different density’s and can be cut in different sizes. Foam Sheets are basically used in furniture, car interiors, softlineing, packing, car filters etc.

P.U. Foam Sofa-n-Bed

Aagosh P.U. foam Sofa –n-bed are designed in such a way, that it can be made stylish sofa during the day and as an extra bed during the night in just few second, even a child can do this. It is scientifically designed and crafted out from a single piece of high quality Foam. These are available in single or Double bed size.


Sandwich mattresses

Aagosh combine foam mattresses is a new design which provides softness of foam and toughness of coir to give the best hard bed feeling with comfort. giving both firmness and cushioning. It provides the ultimate sleeping experience.

Fire suppression foam

Foam used for fire suppression. Its role is to cool down the fire and to coat the fuel, preventing its contact with oxygen, resulting in suppression of the combustion. The surfactants used have to produce foam in concentration of less than 1%.


P.U. Foam Scrap

This is P.U. Foam Scrap. It is used for making Re-boned foam and can also be used for packing toys, glass items, any type of packing things.