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Cushions Range

The Company’s products are widely accepted throughout the Country due to its super quality stabilization. The Company’s marketing network is Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal, U.P., Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and other parts of the Country. Our prices are most competitive and as a result the Company is growing rapidly day by day since its inception.




Foam cushions Cervical Pillow and Foam cushions are idealy made of foam these cant be subsitutied by any other material.


AAGOSH products have some of the most revolutionary features in comfort products ‘Feel Fresh and 3-WAY Anti-sag Comfort-Action Technology and Allergy Control’.


Foam Cervical Pillow

Aagosh P.U. Foam Cervical Pillow is specially designed for people who are suffering from cervical illness. These pillow provide proper support to the neck as a result it improves neck pain and keeps you health and active.



Aagosh flexi Puf cushions are made up of 100% foam. These cushions are made in Various densities and can be cut into specific size as per requirement. These cushions are used for Sofas, Chairs, Furniture Cushioning & many more.


Foam Pillows

Aagosh P.U. Foam Pillows are designed for comfort and impart a cool and fresh feel. Because it has a special cellular structure that lets air circulate freely, thereby dissipates heat and allows sweat to evaporate speedily.