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The quality of our products is only due to the application of best technology we use in manufacturing our Flexi Puf comfort products range which includes Polyurethane Foam in Blocks, Mattresses, Furniture Cushions, Sofa Back Cushions, Sheets, Pillows, Bolsters, Cervical Pillows, Sofa –n- Bed, Coir mattresses , Re-Bonded Foam Mattresses , Re-bonded Sheets & Spring Mattresses. Our products stands most trusted in comfort and that is why our products are popularly know as Aaraam Ka Doosara Naam “Aagosh”.

Our comfort products are ISO 9001:2008 Certified. At Arihant, we offer foam in various densities & Grades ranging from 7Kg/M3 to 120KG/ M3. In addition, products can be supplied to meet specific requirements and specification of customers too which includes Fire Retardant Grade, Super Soft Foam, High Resilience Foam & Re-bonded Foam.